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 Donvale Books is the official website of author John Kelly, and the parent website for publisher: Aquinine Books.

This website has been established to promote John's books online providing an alternative to the traditional retail market.

We also offer a MANUSCRIPT ASSESSMENT AND EDITING SERVICE for writers who would like an honest appraisal of their work and some direction on where to go from here. However if the idea of spending money is too much at this stage, then read on......

Traditionally, when a writer completes a manuscript, it is an incredibly exciting time. There is a wonderful sense of achievement in writing a story be it fiction or non-fiction and every author feels it. However most are soon brought back to earth as they seek out Literary Agents and or Publishers who they hope will bring their work to its much dreamt about place on the bookshelves of retail stores. It's not so much a case of not being able to find someone to publish your work. It is an uphill battle to find someone to even READ it!

If you are a self-publisher, you are welcome to join this site. There is also a network of sites ready to assist you where membership is free. Here you will find other writers willing to read your work at no charge. You are welcome to join, to promote your work and ask other members to write reviews for you.

Check them out. You will be surprised at the assistance and encouragement you will receive.



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For purchases in North America, go to: http://amazon.com

Looking for a POD? Go to: http://digitalprintaustralia.com

If you would like to purchase any of the above books as E Books

go to: http://smashwords.com

or http://www.diesel-ebooks.com/

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